Rental Services

We offer a range of Rental services to help you achieve the results you’re after. This includes market reports to ensure you are getting the highest market rent your area supports, finding the right renter for your investment through an aggressive marketing plan, template leases and much more. This task can be a challenge and one wrong tenant can make your hopes of a good return a huge loss. Don’t go in it alone. We have first hand experience with tenement properties and we will service your property like it is our own.


Prospective tenants have to go through an in depth application process for consideration.


Using the best and most efficient software for timely results.


Get the optimal tenant to protect your investment.

Our services include

  • Market analysis for rental income
  • Professional photos
  • Marketing plan syndicating to over 1,000 sites
  • Application information
  • Payment performance
  • Eviction history
  • Past due accounts
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Credit bureau data and scores
  • Social Security number validation
  • Name and alias
  • Known addresses
  • Public record information
  • Trade-line data
  • Previous inquiries
  • Credit Score
  • Eviction court records on file
  • Sex offender list
  • Criminal history
  • Employment verification

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